A Throwback and Christmas Decorations by Night

Christmas is almost here! Are you all rushing around yet? This has been the strangest year for me here in North Georgia.  It's been so warm and hardly felt like Christmas at all. For some reason, that has hindered me from getting into the season.  I've procrastinated gift buying because of it. Is that a lame excuse…ah, yes.  Trying to snap out of it though. Another thing that's bummed me out this season is that my twelve year old son no longer believes in Santa (I know, I'm lucky he's lasted this long). He was told the truth this summer because he begged me to. He's "too cool for school" this year. He won't watch Christmas movies, Charlie Brown Specials, decorate his tree (said he didn't care if it was up or not)…it's not that he's mad. He's just over it. He said he doesn't mind that we "tricked" him all these years and that it was fun. He's so sentimental about certain things (he won't let me throw away the tin foil from the biscuit we gave Stratford, our 15 year old dog right before we put him to sleep!) so it's breaking my heart he's not sentimental about Christmas.   

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of our decorations last night. I wanted to get a few at night time. Do you all remember sitting in your living room around Christmas time with all the lights off and nothing but Christmas lights on?  Oh yeah…I certainly did. My twin sister and I loved to lay under the tree and look up at the lights. For us, they were colored, big bulbs and those Stardust Glitter BELLS (sugar glitter). Remember those?  Remember those satin ornament balls, the tinsel garland?? Oh my!  I found a picture of those bell lights for sale on ebay…they are $70.55 for a strand of 44 lights!! That's some expensive memorabilia! I also found a cute picture online of a seventies tree…try not to notice the kids in the underware….those poor unsuspecting kids…they didn't have a clue that they would be on the world wide web one day!

OK, I'll come back from memory lane and get to the pictures I took yesterday.  I love a natural look with a little bit of glam.  You will see this reflected in my decorating year round. Christmas time is no different. I love my tree. Love it!  It's been a work in progress. I seem to add a different element every year. I've always decorated my tree with cream and gold.  It's slowly evolved into robin's egg blue and brown ribbon with lots of gold pine cones dipped in glitter, real pheasant feathers, opaque cream Martha Stewart glass balls, feather balls, cream paper mache fleur de lis ornaments and the random special ornament that fits my theme. I add a personalized picture ornament every year. I have Exposures take our Christmas Card from that year and make an ornament out of it. I buy most of my Christmas decorations at half off sales the day after Christmas. I have rarely pay full price for Christmas unless it's at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  The feathers are not half off though. Hobby Lobby rarely puts them on sale. I bought a lot of  the decorations on my tree at a very expensive boutique that was going out of business after Christmas.  I never, ever, ever, ever go Black Friday shopping. Instead, I go the day after Christmas.  Worth it! Oh, I added a unique element this year. I saw it somewhere online and couldn't wait to do it this Christmas. I went outside to our huge stick pile and grabbed real STICKS to put into the tree!  I LOVE it! If you look closely, you can see them on the outer edges.

I'll get right to MY TREE SKIRT!! I honestly haven't been this excited about something I've made in a LONGGGG time.  This is the famous Miss Mustard Seed Tree Skirt.  She's one of the most talented bloggers out there and she was the genius behind this ruffle masterpiece! Eventually, I will do a post on EXACTLY how I made this. I will say this. I don't sew. This is made by hot gluing strips of linen fabric onto a painter's canvas drop cloth! Seriously! Lots and lots of hot glue and sharp scissors are essential to this turning out so well. Oh, and did I mention that it was SUPER DUPER EASY but took about 10 hours (here and there) to finish! I'm a perfectionist so I probably took longer than most, but it does take a while.

This little angel was a gift from my best friend. She picked the perfect gift the year she gave it to me.

This little guy is a nod to my owl obsession. My mom encourages it by getting me owl ornaments!

I seem to add more and more birds to my tree every year. I grabbed four of these this year at an antique shop…oh, I paid full price! That's OK, they were $4 each.

This is not the best picture of this ornament, it was tough to get it to focus.  I must say that I treasure this little nativity ornament so. It's not the actual ornament that is special to me. It's what Palmer said about it that makes it special.  I have no idea how old he was when he said that we should always place this particular ornament on the back side of the tree. That way Santa can see it when he comes down the chimney. Melting right now.

I take a while putting this Willow Tree Nativity up every year. I always am just blown away by the beauty of it. It's rather expensive so I had ask for several different pieces for Christmas one year and managed to get the whole thing!  I added greenery and berries this year for some texture and color. Notice the ox's missing horn? Palmer. That's all I'll say.

Notice anyting on the cute little sampler? See my short little post on this sign. 

I'll leave you with Gunner.  He will do ANYTHING for a treat…he will sit in front of a Christmas tree…

And dress like a girl (according to Todd & Palmer).


4 Responses to A Throwback and Christmas Decorations by Night

  1. Gwen Gunnells says:

    Beautiful!  Beautiful!  I also have some ornaments given by friends, and I get so sentimental each year when I put them on the tree.  And yes, it's been hard getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  But I think it's time to get it in gear!
    We love you, brown-eyed girl!  You're precious to me!

  2. Gail Godfrey says:

    Just now getting to read this as we've just got back in town this afternoon from visiting your twin sissy and her precious family.  Love your house at Christmas and just any time of the year.  You are so creative, as is Stacy.  Don't know where the two of you get this, but you definitely have it.  I enjoy your blog very much!

    • Thanks Mom. You set the tone for Christmas for sure. I fondly remember all the time and trouble you went to when it was time to decorate for Christmas. You created the warmest and most exciting atmosphere for us to grow up in! And especially around Christmas time! We would dream for hours about all the fun things that we would get in our stockings and under the tree! I love you!!

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