Country Living Fair…Coming Right Up!!

Oh boy…it's almost here!!! No, not fall (excited about that too) but the Country Living Fair is what I LIVE for this time of year! It's coming to Stone Mountain in Atlanta, October 26, 27 & 28th. This will be the third year in a row that I've gotten to go to this amazing event! I never got around to posting my pictures from last year. I meant to do it but as the date to this one got closer, I figured that I would save my pictures and post them now (you know, to get you super excited)!!  I'm super excited about this year because my twin sister has already bought her ticket to fly into Atlanta to go with me and my Mom!! My BFF and her Mom are coming into town to meet up with us too! We've actually bought 3 day tickets for this year. It seems excessive but it really is just way too much to squeeze into one day. You will miss out on some things if you only go for one day. Of course, you could be a super shopper and be able to get it done in one day but we like to talk to the venders. We like to find out where they are from, how long it took them to drive all of their stuff across the country, how they got started in the business … all that fun stuff! Please pardon some of the blurry photos! I was so excited that I just started shooting away and didn't bother to slow down, focus or make adjustments! But, anyway, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show!

Apologies again but I didn't take good notes on which item came from which vender. But, if you have a question about anything specific I will be glad to look it up and let you know. I do know that these first few are from a lovely group of girls called Earth Angels. They each bring a different talent to the table and they travel as a group all over to showcase their crafts. They hand make all of their products. The price may seem steep but think of all the time and talent involved. They are one of a kind, true heirlooms that will be treasured by many generations. Look at all of the details, they are just so magical.

This vintage dollhouse was actually a display within the Earth Angels booth. It sold AS I WAS TAKING THIS PICTURE! If you are remotely interested in something-grab it or it will disappear before your little eyes!

Ok, this next set of pictures is from probably my favorite booth at the Country Living Fair. It's HAPPY CHAIR. When you see the pictures you will know why! The lady who designs this furniture is a former race car driver. Say what? Yep, you read right, a rice car driver! Talk about two totally different occupations! Certainly designing furniture is a lot safer!  Each design is so unique and instantly makes you "happy"!

I RAN to this chair (the chair below, the tree chair) as soon as I saw it! I was in LOVE.  I even called Todd and ask if I could buy it! I texted him pictures, begged, cried (just kidding, but I might have pulled out all the stops if I'd really wanted it-wink wink) …he was really thinking it over when I came to my senses.  Where on earth would it go in our house? We are out of room and the colors don't exactly jive with our colors.  I have a husband who really loves to help decorate and has great taste. He knew an awesome piece when he saw it but he agreed that it just didn't fit our life right now (yes, I'm talking about a piece of furniture like this!).  I walked away happy though. I was happy to know that one day we WILL own one of her amazing pices of furniture!

The rest of these pictures are from different booths all over the fair. I think they are a good representation of what you will see if you go to the fair.

And lastly…these are the ones that got away…I'm so mad at myself for not scooping them up.  So appropriate for this time in our history…they just crack me up!

So what do you think? Are you going to go to the fair now that you have seen what an amazing show it is? Have you been before? Let me know in the comments section (it get's lonely over here in blogland sometimes).

Also, if you are interested in seeing what I actually bought at the fair, you can see this post of mine that I did right after we got home last year.




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  1. Gail Godfrey says:

    Your pictures are great, Heidi!  These bring back warm memories of such a nice, enjoyable day!  I'm getting excited about us three going this year.  It will be so nice to know that we don't have to try to cover the whole fair in one day, but can eat a nice meal somewhere and go back to our hotel and crash and then start over again the next day!

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