It's Fall and Halloween around here!  I love to get out all of the holiday decorations.  I think the reason I go all out for the different holidays/seasons is because it helps me get my "girlygirl" fix.  I live in a house with nothing but boys after all (even the dog is a boy). Anyhoo, enjoy!

I got this adorable little house for $3 at TJ Maxx after Halloween last year! Nothing like a little glitter to bring out the girlygirl in me! The frame was also $3 at the after Halloween sale at the Maxx! Palmer was a football player (didn't have to buy a costume for that one!)and gave me the perfect smile!

Owls are on everything right now, why not your Kleenex box? This is the Halloween special edition hologram box! I love how his eyes and wings open up when you turn it!

My sister gave me these cute Halloween doggie tea towels! We both love dogs so much! She also gave me the adorable paper straws! 

I'll leave you with a little "bathroom humor"! 


2 Responses to Boo!

  1. Kristenkj says:

    I love your decorations for Halloween…especially the polka dotted cats!!!  Very cute things!!!

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